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0ECD 1 ECD 1 Line ABrassica rapa L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14066ECD 1
1ECD 10 ECD 10 Dc 130Brassica napus L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14075ECD 10
2ECD 11 ECD 11 Badger ShipperBrassica oleracea L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14076ECD 11
3ECD 12 ECD 12 BindsachsenerBrassica oleracea L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14077ECD 12
4ECD 13 ECD 13 Jersey QueenBrassica oleracea L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14078ECD 13
5ECD 14 ECD 14 SeptaBrassica oleracea L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14079ECD 14
6ECD 15 ECD 15 VerheulBrassica oleracea L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14080ECD 15
7ECD 2 ECD 2 Line BBrassica rapa L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14067ECD 2
8ECD 3 ECD 3 Line CBrassica rapa L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14068ECD 3
9ECD 4 ECD 4 Line RBrassica rapa L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14069ECD 4
10ECD 5 ECD 5 GranaatBrassica rapa L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14070ECD 5
11ECD 6 ECD 6 Dc 101Brassica napus L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14071ECD 6
12ECD 7 ECD 7 Dc 119Brassica napus L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14072ECD 7
13ECD 8 ECD 8 Dc 128Brassica napus L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14073ECD 8
14ECD 9 ECD 9 Dc 129Brassica napus L. United KingdomUKVGB1990DONATEDBREEDING14074ECD 9